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Branding Package

  • Free Directory Listing Picture, Bio, Reviews and Services offered

Lead Generation& Marketing Package

499$per month
  • Free Directory Listing Picture, Bio, Reviews and Services offered Hyperlink to your Website and display phone number
  • Free chat with clients
  • Two specialty matching capabilities
  • Access to post in Community / Blog area for additional marketing
  • Access to leads via Contact Me form
  • Marketing Consultation for personal business Access to forms to support your coaching business

*Memberships are month to month and can be cancelled at any time.



Looking for inspiration? Someone to help you accomplish your goals?

Or the support to get you to that next level?

Our Certified Professional Life Coaches are here to listen.


The user can search for a life coach by state, by specialty or both by country, state, and/or specialty. When the user has found a prospect life coach, the user can view the Life Coach’s Profile, thus the user will be directed to the Life Coach’s Profile.

Life Coach’s Profile

The Life Coach’s profile has info such as profile picture, name, specialty, state, about himself and fee. It also includes “review and rating” portion which will be viewable by the users. Q&A page to answer questions for users.


The user can only contact the life coach through the app by “in-app-chatting”.


The user can sign up as a life coach or a user. The Life Coach should describe additional details including photo, city, state, brief description, fee, certification (for validation).


Upon login, the user will be asked whether he/she is a life coach or a user. Possible to login through Facebook, Google or Email. Prospect logins should be front and center and the coaches login to be somewhere to the side, so that the user is the target audience.

Rating and Review

The user can leave a rating and review in the Life Coaches Profile only after transactions.

Coaching areas of specialty

Life Coach

  • Goal Setting Coach
  • Retirement Coach
  • Transition Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Money Management Coach
  • Credit Repair Coach
  • Health Benefits Coach

Business /Corporate

  • Corporate Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Management Coach
  • Sales Coach
  • Marketing Coach
  • Entrepreneur Coach
  • Start Up Coach
  • Advertising Coach


  • Marriage Coach
  • Family Coach
  • New Parent Coach
  • Singles Coach
  • Parenting Coach
  • Divorce Recovery Coach
  • Pre-Marital Coach
  • Adoption Coach

Health and Wellness

  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Stress Reduction Coach
  • Hoarding Coach
  • New Parent Coach
  • Adoption Coach
  • Adult ADD Coach

Personal Development

  • Fear and Phobia Coach
  • Anger Management Coach
  • Grief Coach
  • Coaches Coach
  • Gay/Lesbian Coach
  • Single Parent Coach

Spiritual Coach

  • Psychics
  • Past Life Readers
  • Tarot (card) Reader
  • Mediums
  • Astrology Reader
  • Energy Healer
  • Chakra & Aura Readers
  • Crystal Readers


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